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Traces (2015)

6m x 2m x 3m

Mixed media 

Traces are indications of the former presence, and the evidence of existence. They are more than just simple marks—they represent history.

As I work, the action of making, every process and material involved were used for a specific reason after great consideration. I believe the final work is not just the product of my work. The paint, brush, medium, and even the air that dries the wet paint collaborate to create the final result of my painting. My work consists the debris on the spray paint that accidentally splashed in an unexpected way, the heater that cracked the matte gel medium, and the chunks of paint that came out of the plastic cup that I use to mix paint. Every seeming accidental detail matters because the material and process themselves are the subject matters in my work.

“Traces” focuses on my creative process to embrace the importance of the process rather than the end product. The traces of paint on the cart, paint tubes, knives, gel medium, a stool, and the processes all reveal the movements I made. By emphasizing the importance of such process of making, I track the thoughts that went through my head, the emotions I received, and the inaccessible world of imagination

University of Michigan Senior Thesis Show 2015

May 2015

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