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Replicator D5

Aluminum profile, metal, acrylic sheet, bulb, motor, timer, paraffin wax

210x 110x 300cm 

Music by Neckwav

Bucheon Art Bunker B39, South Korea 

Aug 7th- Oct 20th 2019

Replicator D5 is an automatic self-feeding wax pellets mechanism. The timer is set to dispense wax pellets every 30min, and it takes about 2weeks to grow up to the maximum height.  When it reaches the mesh, the acrylic sheet at the bottom is replaced with the new sheet. During the show, 'Under the Lights: Living and Non-living', 5 mounds (organism) grew. The continuous growth and change in appearance of the mounds from their dripping form to their white crystals resembles a capricious but eternal nature.

Please watch the video below for a better understanding. 

김수현 작가님 _8.jpg
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