Parasitic Residue Series (2019)

Parasitic Residue(380)

Parasitic Residue(280)

Parasitic Residue(550)

Parasitic Residue(485)

Parasitic Residue(810)

Paraffin wax and pigment on aluminum 


Parasitic Residue(1020)

Parasitic Residue(925)

Parasitic Residue(1350)


Paraffin wax and pigment on aluminum 


Parasitic Residue series are made by itself as the organism next to it grows. During its growth, it splashes a small amount of paraffin wax on the given surface. Every marks on Parasitic Residue series are determined by the size and color of the organism (host), and most importantly the duration of the organism's growth, which makes it 'parasitic' on the growing organism next to it.