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Unseen Time, Gathering Momentum (2018)

103cm x 103cm 210cm

Paraffin wax, pigment, metal, lamps, plywood, perspex sheet, screen mesh 

Unseen Time, Conversation in the Middle is an ecosystem in which the artist layers time in the form of wax. This work takes place in three parts. The first is when the artist performs the feeding. The second is the moment of formation underneath the mesh panel. Lastly, is where the wax has fallen, accumulated, and transformed.

Through my work, micro events are observable through installation and durational performance. The way the work is built allows for all processes to be seen. This includes witnessing, from time to time, the artist pouring wax pellets over the course of hours, days, weeks and months. It allows for the viewer to bear witness to present time, in manageable units of seconds that are embodied in each drop of liquid wax.


The artist likens the ritual of pouring wax pellets akin to feeding a plant or an organism. How often feeding takes place affects the structure, diameter and form of the mounds. In Unseen Time, Conversation in the Middle, feeding takes place every 30 minutes. The audience may witness this.

IMG_9744 copy.jpg
IMG_7049 3.jpg
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